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Places to Visit Nearby Varanasi

Varanasi is a tourist hub in India and the reason being, it is dotted with unnumbered of cultural, historical, and spiritual places in and around the city. But sometimes, the all spotlight is given to Varanasi only and the nearby places of the city go unnoticed. In fact, if you want to experience more than the utter calmness of spirituality and the roaring waves of Ganga, visit the nearby places of the city. Here, from the resonant glory of history to the magnificence of architecture and to the wilderness of wildlife, you’ll experience everything. So, let’s have a look at the must-visit nearby places of Varanasi.

Chunar Fort

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When it comes to must-visit forts in India, Chunar Fort makes an indisputable place on the list. Maybe not for the architecture but for the rich history and the abnormal stories associated with it. If you’re an adventurous freak and the haunted places give you a sheer thrill, Chunar Fort will surely tickle you from inside.

Jaunpur Fort

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Located nearly 60 km from Varanasi, Jaunpur fort is yet another not-to-be-missed fort around Varanasi. Sometimes also tagged as the ‘ShahiQuila or ‘Karar Fort’, Jaunpur Fort is a testimony to the successive Muslim rule in India.

Atala Mosque Jaunpur

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Before leaving Jaunpur, catch a sight of Atala mosque which is the finest specimen of architecture in Jaunpur. It grabs more attention due to the fact that it is built exactly on the place where a Hindu temple dedicated to Atala Devi used to exist. In fact,

Jurgo Dam Mirzapur

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If you’re a lover of natural sightseeing and want to spend a memorable picnic day, no other place in and around Varanasi can beat Jurgo Dam, Chunar.  Located around 18 km from Chunar, Jurgo Dam is famous for being a wonderful picnic spot.

Lakhaniya Dari Waterfall


In the outskirts of Varanasi, Lakhaniya Dari waterfall is arguably the most panoramic and enchanting place. Here, nature literally dances in its full swing. Are you an adventures trekker who dares to trek to a waterfall? Then, Lakhaniya Dari waterfall will surely give you the most thrilling experience ever because here you can go up to bottom of the fall capturing the

Rajdari Waterfall


When you get enough of Lakhaniya Dari waterfall, head to Rajdari waterfall which is again a breathtaking splendor of nature.  The cool breeze touching your cheeks, the gurgling sound of flowing water and the panoramic view of ambiance can make you forget every pain…

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary


Amid the extreme core of holiness of Varanasi, it is hard to witness the wildlife splendor of the city. If you really want to explore the wildlife façade of Varanasi, head over to Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jaunpur Shahi Bridge

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True to its name, JaunpurShahi Bridge inbuilt absolutely in a royal architectural style. The grandeur of Mughal craftsmanship is written all over the bridge. Sometimes, referred as Mughal Bridge, Akbari Bridge,

Veer Lorik Rock Sonabhadra

Lorik ock copy

When it comes to the symbol of true love, TajMahal steals all the limelight but there are some other places across the country that has entwined an unfaltering love story within them and Veer Lorik Rock, Sonabhadra is one of them. Manifesting the passionate love saga and valor of Veer Lorik and Manjari,

Markundi Ghati, Sonabhadra

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To reach Veer Lorik Rock, you have to go through Markhundi Ghati. Markundi Ghati is actually a hill and you need to hike to get to the top. If you’re an adventurous freak, the sloppy rocks of the hill will give you a thrilling experience. After reaching there, just sit in ‘Sun View Point’ and let your camera and eyes do their work.

Vijaygarh Fort, Sonbhadra

Have you ever heard the name of princess Chandrakanta? Well, Vijaygarh Fort has something to do with this gorgeous princess. It is actually a twin fort and the fort inside the Vijaygarh Fort is believed to be the fort of princess Chandrakanta. Vijaygarh fort is very old and there isn’t any complete information about its establishment.

Chopan Bridge

Chopan Bridge copy

Yes, this bridge should be on your list because your camera is going to love this place. Built over the Son River and located nearly 50 km from Varanasi, ChopanBridge is just mesmerizing.  Here, as far as your eyesight would reach, you’ll see only and only water.

Salkhan Fossil Park, Sonabhadra

Having the oldest fossil in the world, Salkhan Fossil Park is believed to be a 1400 million-year-old Fossil Park. Can you believe this? Even when you’re running sort of time, don’t skip a visit to this fossil park else you’ll miss the most intriguing experience of your trip.