Lolark Kund

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Lolark Khund is actually a step well where the couple who craves for a child, takes a dip and seeks the blessing of Lord Shiva. According to the beliefs, whosoever takes a bath and performs all rituals with a full heart in Lolark Khund on the 6 th day of the bright moon of Bhadrapada, gets fulfilled his/her desire of a child. That’s why, on this auspicious day, it remains a festive aura in Lolark Khund. Though you don’t have any such desires, you can still visit the place and feel the spirituality.These were some of the must-visit historical places to visit in Varanasi. So, plan a week’s long holiday and get imbibed in the spirituality of Kashi.

Address – Near Bhadaini Ghat, Shivala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005

Public transport – Take a man-pulled rickshaw from either Durgakund or Assi Ghat whichever suits you and travel straight to Lolark Kund.

Always open

Best time to visit – During Monsoon and at Lolark Shashti.