Kabir Math.


Forget about learning, if you have even touched Hindi literature, Saint Kabir wouldn’t be a new name for you. Hailed as one of the prolific Hindi poets as well as saints of the country during the 15 th century, saint Kabir spent his entire life from an infant child to an oldie in Varanasi. Today, the place where we see a spectacular temple is believed to be exactly the same place where Kabir was found by his adoptive parents in a lotus flower. 3km from The Varanasi railway station, Kabir Math is exactly located at Lehartara. From Kabir’s 600-year- old hut to the several meticulous sculptures, from the handlooms weaved by himself to his personal belongings, from a small library filled with his works to an awe-inspiring garden dotted with his reminiscences, and from his meditation place to the lecture hall, Kabir Math is no less than a museum that showcases all the artifacts associated with saint Kabir.

Address – Kabir Math Laharatara crossing Varanasi. 221103.

Public transport – Kabire Math is situated at almost 3 kms from Varanasi Jn. To rich Kabir Math hire an auto rickshaw (station-Lahartara route) to reach Laharatara crossing, and walk almsot 100 metres towards DLW road to rich the destination.

Tickets – None

Timing – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM