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To all those who are new here, I would like to tell you that you guys are going to have a lot of fun.

To those who miss being in BHU, I hope this post turns up the corners of your mouth, a little!

And, to all those who are still in BHU, I’ll just say enjoy every SECOND, because this might not come to you again!

Being the first ever blog post about BHU, it summarizes the five amazing things I have experienced while I was in BHU and I believe these are the few things that every individual who was in BHU would smile at while reading this.

  • BHU Rains: 

    If you live in Banaras or have been in Banaras for some time you might know how ugly Banaras gets during the rains. But BHU campus being the perfect opposite, wins our hearts every rainy season! I was beguiled every time I walked on BHU roads during the rains. The roads get even clearer, trees seem greener than before, and chai-samosa combo comes to us with an extra delight!! (PS: I, once, saw two rainbows together!)

  • Chai-Samosa: 

    Since we already started with chai-samosa, one must know that chai-samosa is not just chai- and it’s available all the time in every shop.‘A cup of chai with two samosas, it’s not just a time pass snack and NO, don’t even think of calling it a junk. It’s a lot, LOT more. There are many chai-samosa shops throughout the campus samosas’, here, is eligible to be known as a full MEAL! Yes, indeed. When we, the people of BHU, miss our afternoon meal due to an exam or an extra class we have chai samosa and we’re done. When we miss our breakfast in the morning, we have chai samosa and we’re done. Or when we are just hungry, we have chai samosa and we’re done. Bonus: It’ll just cost you 10 rupees! Also, I’ve seen people for whom chai-samosa is not just an edible entity,  it’s an emotion!! (PS: I will always miss BHU’s chai-samosa)..and nothing can replace it.

  • Roses red isn’t just!: 

    Another best thing about being in BHU is that you get to savor the abundance of beautiful flowers. Pssst.. don’t we all want to pluck a flower that looks beautiful and is free and take it with us for no such reason that can be explained (yeah, we must not! But let’s just blame it on the innocent and weird little child within us)? But hey, you’re in BHU, how many would you be able to pluck? Also, you can see roses of all possible colors on this campus (I’m not even kidding). Date someone who lives in a BHU hostel and you won’t be out of beautiful roses during your Valentine’s week.

  • Mangoes: 

    To a BHUite (I don’t know if that’s a word, but let’s continue..), summers equal free mangoes. Yes, no season gets boring in BHU. Do you think it’s just the sweat and dehydration during summers? But there are mango trees for shade and free mangoes all around the campus, your highness!

  • The green campus: 

    I feel happy to see that this part of Banaras is so dearly taken care of. The roads are lined with trees ( I remember one of my friends, who was a botany student, who kept telling us the names of all the trees we used to pass through, which got a little annoying afterward though, as she continued to do that all the time! Anyways moving on..), lawns are decorated with small plants, gardens are well maintained and surely we see a variety of flowers around us.