About Us

Looking for an ethereal experience or thrill of witnessing the best of what is encapsulated in and around the holy city of Varanasi? You are at the right place!

CityGo offers everything that you will need to explore this mystic land and nearby destinations.

Varanasi is not just a city. It is a living geography breathing the Lord Shiva’s name. Dotted with several ancient temples, Varanasi is a treat to the parched soul. You can immerse yourself in the devotion of Lord Shiva in the heart of the city or let yourself be lost in the surreal sunrises while sitting on banks of the mighty Ganga.

There are lanes and by-lanes waiting to surprise you with age-old architecture and tempting culinary experience. There are scores of ghats and ancient temples where the wealth of Indian spirituality is preserved. There is mighty Ganga that meandering through Kashi bewitches the mortals.

We will make your stay in the city comfortable and provide you a suitable plan as per your needs so that you have an experience of a lifetime.

You can also grab a package offering expeditions to unexplored locations around Varanasi which will leave you enthralled. Natural beauty. Ancient history. Adventurous terrains. The districts nearby have a lot to offer.

Stay? Food? Commute? Special tour? Single? In a group? Guided tour? CityGo is the answer. We will add that extra everywhere to give you an extraordinary experience.

What you seek, shall be provided!