समय कई बार घाव देता है

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Time wounds many times. Time also heals wounds. Benares have a wound given by time to get away from Banaras. Ghats, the melodies caused by the lanes, these wounds severely on the wound. Painful poke. Not that it does not wound. In the busy life and lap of other cities, the wound is filled. Time also fills it but memories overwhelm this wound cutter. Being Ekanbarsi in another city means that comparison of everything from the other city to Benaras. In every thing he searches for Benaras. When the wheel of the bike hits the road for the first time in the crowded city, then it comes to Benareside. Whenever he has to go to artificial park to sit in peace, then he remembers Benaras. When he gets potato instead of chickpea in golguppe, if he gets lime, then he remembers Benaras. Frankly, Some wounds do not even fill the time. During this, when someone asks him, “What is it like in Banaras?” Ekbarawasi does not have an answer. He gets a little bit tired and a tide bursts from inside “Master! There is a different thing in Benaras. “He just gives a lot of answers. There is no mistake in this. Pain, emotions, sensations can not be expressed by words. “There is a different thing in Benaras” in this sentence, the world of a Banarasi is limited. In this sentence Kabir, Baldev, Gopinath, Premchandra, Jaishankar Prasad, Wagish, Virbhadra are contained. In this sentence, the rituals of Malaviya are wrapped in. In this sentence, there are lanes of Banaras that have fallen into its addiction. These lanes are as sharp as the corners of the street, and yet no Benaras is standing to get a glimpse of any kind. In this sentence there are ghats on which an uncommon part of life has run, played is sitting. …. and the clarinet of Ustad Bismillah on these ghats, Ashutosh Bhattacharya and Kishenamahajka Tabla, Ravi Shankar’s sitar, Birjuamaharajakekathak’s jugalbandi. Yes! In this sentence a life of kathak is limited. Something different from Benaras is different.

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